Man with severe back pain who had to use a bridge in his shoe, and who had suffered from this condition for many years. As prayer was ministered his leg grew. He was able to bend over without pain. He has thrown away the shoe support and is back running which he had not been able to do for a long time.

Lady with bad headaches and eye problems for many months. After prayer she felt different. She has told us that she no longer has headaches and the problem with her eyes has gone.

Lady with depression and other issues. After prayer she was immediatley set free and released to go forward into the ministry that she was being called to.

Lady in a wheelchair. After prayer she was able to get up and take a few steps. We are continuing to pray for her and to see her permanantly healed and out of the wheelchair.

Young boy troubled by migraines. After being sent a prayer cloth that the team had anointed and prayed over for his healing. We have been told by his mother that he has had no more migraines.

Lady had Severe Migraines for 20years since the age of 26. She came for prayer for healing and over the next 6-8 weeks the Migraines got better and have now stopped altogether. She has been told by her doctor that she can stop taking the medication which she had to take every day for the last 5 years.

Blood pressure problems. After prayer the blood pressure started to go down to normal. This person had, had this problem since her sons birth 5 years ago

Diabeaties type 2 healed after prayer.