Prayer Cloths

In the Bible (Acts chapter 19) it describes 'handkerchiefs and aprons' that were placed on those who were sick and their diseases left them.

When someone is unable to attend the Healing Rooms we can pray for them at a distance and if requested we will send a prayer cloth. These cloths are anointed with oil and prayed over by our team before they are sent out.

We do believe, however that it is God alone who brings healing and not the cloth. The cloth is a symbol of God`s healing presence and it is sent to you with our love and prayers.

We have had so many testimonies from people we have sent prayer cloths out to where it has become a ministry in itself.

We find that many people cannot make it to the Healing Rooms but in faith they have asked us to pray for them, and their condition, into a prayer cloth, which we have then sent to them.

These are some of the messages we have received back from them.

Lady with cancer who was dreading losing her hair from the treatment she was to have. Came back to say that although she had lost some of her hair that she had a great peace about it and was not now afraid. She said she was also feeling better.

A man going into hospital was sent a prayer cloth and he sent a message to say that he felt such a peace that he did not worry about the operation.

A lady who had not been able to go outside or go the her door to answer it for a long time. After receiving her prayer cloth, which she put under her pillow. After many days she gradually started to feel better to the point that she was able to go out and attend Church where she was greeted by loving people. This was a major breakthrough for her.

A prayer cloth was sent to a young woman who the doctors felt would not live as she had contacted a problem with her kidney which made her whole body swell and start to break down. She was sent a prayer cloth and we have been told that the swelling had started to go down and that they felt that she would recover fully,

A Man was sent a prayer cloth as he was having pains in his chest, he had, had problems with his heart. When he received the prayer cloth the pain went straight away.

A lady was sent a prayer cloth as she was in distress and she found that when she received the prayer cloth she felt a great peace.